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Heritage in Young Hands (HIYH)!

We are a platform that supports young Indians as active members in their communities and caretakers of their cultural heritage.

What We Do and How We Make a Difference

It’s no secret that India is growing… With the world’s tenth-largest economy (and third-largest by purchasing power parity!), India is one of the fastest-growing major economies in the world! The country continues to face the difficult challenges of poverty, poor education, gender inequality, urban degradation and inadequate public healthcare.

But there’s good news!

All around the world, the cultural sector is becoming a driving element for sustainable development. Nowhere is that more relevant than in India.  Home to the ancient Indus Valley Civilisation and a region of historic trade routes and vast empires, the Indian subcontinent has been identified with its commercial and cultural wealth for much of its long history.

Heritage in Young Hands works to grow India’s cultural sector as a mechanism for furthering India’s development. Our strategy integrates young Indians into this process, protecting and preserving Indian cultural heritage, generating urban renewal through the re-use and re-imagining of urban landscapes, and developing expert training and workshops that facilitate education, jobs creation and gender equality.

Our vision

Our mission is to engage young Indians just like you with the resources and information they need to build prosperous, thriving communities.

Come explore our many opportunities for cultural engagement and community development:

  • Create your own original content about Indian culture, sites and communities (e.g. videos, slideshows and photo essays, articles etc.). We’ll share your unique insight with our audiences and make you a voice for cultural activity in India.
  • Join one of our many live events! Sign up for one of our internationally recognised tours or excursions, enroll in one of our expert workshops or trainings and connect with like-minded young people from all over the country,or join one of our several themed events and series and learn about the latest trends and advancements in culture and development. 
  • Share your own ideas, comments and questions through the HIYH website and social media. We’ll use your feedback to grow and develop HIYH in ways that are meaningful to young Indians like you.
  • Enter our social media contests for a chance to win fun prizes every week! 

What are you waiting for? Discover how you can be a part of Heritage in Young Hands!

Partner with Us

Heritage in Young Hands partners with a variety of causes, organisations and industries throughout India and around the world. We cherish our relationships with like-minded organisations that uphold our mission and vision.

When you partner with us, we work hard to ensure that our mission operates in tandem with your own, developing a tailored partnership strategy that contributes to the growth and development of your organisation alongside HIYH.

To explore these opportunities further and learn more about the benefits of partnering with Heritage in Young Hands, please contact Sachin Bansal at sb@indiacitywalks.com

Meet Our Team

Sachin Bansal, Founder & Chief Explorer

Sachin-BansalThe signature of Sachin Bansal is all about belonging to the roots, caring about the community, taking pride in his lineage and giving back to the society in a thousand ways. The analogy of a thousand ways is true to the letter, as the entrepreneur in Sachin is a global trendsetter with proven credentials.  Sachin founded HIYH out of a personal and professional mission to contribute to India and its people.  His aim is to produce meaningful and positive interactions between young Indians and their environments and generate socio-economic opportunities at the local level. An experienced curator, marketer and entrepreneur, Sachin has worked with a variety of global companies and brands. He is also the Co-Founder of India City Walks, the parent organisation of HIYH that offers unique tours and themed experiences through walking itineraries

Nidhi Bansal, Operating Partner – India 

Nidhi-BansalAs Co-founder of HIYH, Nidhi aims to help Indians get the most out of the cities that they live in through enriching encounters and programmes. Combining her strong sales and marketing skills with unparalleled expertise in the hospitality industry, Nidhi creates engaging platforms that not only preserve India’s tangible heritage, but also address extremely relevant social issues like urban renewal and gender equality. Nidhi has over fifteen years’ experience in the hospitality sector, working with Marriott Hotels, the Oberoi Group and Genpact before she Co-Founded India City Walks with her husband Sachin. The tag of being a certified Change Management Specialist sits prettily on her shoulder. She remains one of the youngest women working in India’s tourism industry, inspiring other young Indian women to venture into the workforce and into the cultural sector.

Kelly Krause, Operating Partner – USA

 Kelly-KrausseKelly is the Founder and President of Heritage in Action, a San Francisco-based cultural heritage management company that promotes socio-economic sustainability through cultural heritage, tourism, storytelling and community engagement. Through her international experience with non-profits, government institutions and media networks that include the Egyptian Ministry for Heritage and Antiquities, the Qatar Museums Authority, UNESCO and the Discovery Channel, Kelly and Heritage in Action lend HIYH professional support through industry expertise, identifying emerging needs and opportunities and leveraging professional networks to successfully grow HIYH.

What we do

We specialize in walking tours across India, especially for students, travelers and enthusiasts who take pleasure in protecting and exploring culture, heritage and the environment. Our prime objective is to tell a story about the cultural and heritage diversity and the traditions and memories that arise from a city’s past and give life to it in the present. Each walk is designed specially to engage you.

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Contact us

We operate under the umbrella brand INDIA CITY WALKS and our selection of walks offers spectacular city experiences across India. Widely recognized for our commitment to unsurpassed guest service, we believe in and are dedicated to personalized attention. Our team of city explorers are unsurpassed in knowledge and ensure that your walking tour exceeds your expectations.

Feel free to contact us in order to find out which walk suits you best. You can reach us through email during weekends and holidays.

Connect with us at sb@indiacitywalks.com  |  +91 971 119 0192
For small or large groups advance reservations required.